Antelope Canyon, Hoodoos at Escalante and the Horseshoe Bend

Two hours North east of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon lies a small town of Page home to the Antelope Canyon, the Lower Antelope and the upper Antelope Canyon. Two hours is the max one gets to spend in the Canyon. Entering the Lower Antelope Canyon is like going through a birthing process. You enter through a narrow slit in the ground, two hours late you make your way back through the same hole:

Entrance to the Lower Antelope Canyon, Page AZ

Entrance to the Lower Antelope Canyon, Page AZ

Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon, the walls are very close together and are wind and water eroded. That leaves an amazing tapestry and a riot of colors. A woman with flowing hair?

Flowing Hair?

Flowing Hair

and is that a Bull?



Nature beams a flashlight:

Nature's Flashlight

Nature’s Flashlight

There have been flash floods sometimes with tragic consequences. After the last tragedy there are adequate provision to protect visitors in the canyon.

Lower Antelope Canyon

Lower Antelope Canyon

Not far from Antelope Canyon and into Utah lie the hoodoos or toadstools in the Escalante National Park.

Toadstools in Escalante

Toadstools in Escalante


Hoodoos Escalante National Park

Toadstools Escalante National Park

Toadstools Escalante National Park

Escalante National Park

Escalante National Park, Utah

Next stop was the Horseshoe Bend an amazing place,the timing was perfect as the sun was setting. We settle down at the very edge of a vertical peering 1000 feet below at the Colorado river as it takes a horse shoe like bend in an Ampitheater type setting. If the Antelope Canyon is a no-no for those with claustrophobia, the Horseshoe bend is best viewed from afar by those with vertigo. Yes, it was mentioned that a photographer lost his life as he fell down into the bend. But with such an awesome sight how can one hold back:



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