Winter wonderland – Jenks Lake, Angelus Oaks San Bernadino Mountains

Jenks Lake (More hi-res pictures at

Two hours from downtown LA and in Angelus Oaks,  Jenks Lake made national news when an iPAD was snatched and stolen from a fisherman. Now, iPAD/ iPhone thefts have emerged  by far the largest crime in the US. What was unusual about this event was that this time it was a bear that snatched the iPAD (Google Jenks lake and stolen iPAD). What good is an iPAD if you can’t snack- back came the bear and this time ran off with some snacks and tupperware.

This hidden jewel was no longer a best-kept secret….

Jenks Lake (click on image for hi res view)

Surrounding Jenks lake are miles and miles of trails and gorgeous views to remember. But when nature cooperates this transforms into a winter wonderland. There are several campsites Camp de Benneville Pines  maintained by the Unitarian Universalism was my destination. Heated cabins, a very friendly staff and hot meals during the day for one who comes to meditate or one who comes to soak the scenery.   There are other camps by YMCA and other religious sects. Late it night it snowed heavily and then it was sheer magic. Here are some that I captured – more in my album

Winter Stream not yet frozen

Wayne’s Way

Whispering Leaves




Camp de Benneville Pines









Nature’s canvas

Together once again

Magical moments

There are more images at! Any ones that stand out for you?







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