…As the sun sets on Shasta

Shasta gets ready for the sunset. View of Shasta, Castle  Lake from the Heart Lake

You can pick any venue and get a good sunrise or sunset experience. But some times the best places are rougher to get to. The sweat and toil,never mind often pays off. One such locale comes with a hike, a 1mile hike with an elevation of almost 1000 feet from the start. In this case one of the best hikes in the Shasta region- a hike that takes you from the Castle Lake to the Heart Lake.

Heart Lake at about 6050 feet

Heart Lake is a cruel climb from Castle lake if you have an injured foot and a heavy backpack with camera gear. Castle lake can be reached by road near the dam on Lake Siskiyou. The trail to Heart lake starts east along the shore of Castle lake. That trail takes you to the base of Little Castle lake a smaller pond. Then starts an unsigned trail to Heart Lake a trek another half a mile away. But know your surroundings for the return can be rough especially after sunset. Wild flowers, on rough trails,but iconic views all around this area is also home to black bears, river otters, garter snakes, osprey, bald eagles, falcon and cougars.

Sunset at Shasta

I sat and enjoyed the views nature had to offer. Late in the evening the sun set and for a brief moment the sky saw paint.

….as the sun sets near Shasta

Late at night I headed to Redding and caught the iconic Sundial bridge at night

Sundial Bridge in Redding near Shasta



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