….and the Water Falls near Shasta

The sacred site: Faery Falls , Shasta
(Click on picture for a high resolution image)

Faery Falls was once a bustling site with Sulfur springs. The only indication of that is the smell of sulfur as you approach the falls. Located near Lake Siskiyou outside the city the approach is to take the first left off Castle Lake Road to Ney Springs Road. Take the right trail,a rough one too, to reach the bottom of this fall.

Lower McCloud Falls
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McCloud Falls are actually 3 Falls, Lower McCloud, Middle McCloud and Upper McCloud Falls. Take Highway 5 to Highway 89 leading to McCloud. You will see signs to Fowler’s Camp and Falls. The 3 falls can be hiked from Lower McCloud.

A water drop of only 12 feet nevertheless, the view is scenic, the water clear.

Middle McCloud Falls
(Click on Image for high resolution and other images of this awesome fall)

Middle McCloud is an awesome fall 50 foot tall and 100 foot wide the falls are best viewed from the base and from the top. Nature at its best you can hear the sheer power of the falls at the base.

A view of Middle McCloud from the bottom.

Hedge Creek Falls

Hedgecreek falls are just off the Dunsmuir towards Siskiyou (Exit 732). A 30 foot fall which comes to life in spring this is a beautiful fall any time of the year. Enjoy the views from the side or step under the falls and view nature  from behind the falls.

Burney Falls

Burney Falls is perhaps the grandest of them all. Called the eight wonder of the world by President Roosevelt Burney Falls was a national landmark in 1984. A 129 foot fall the water comes from the river and underground springs creating a mist filled basin. The view is magnificent and offers dozens of photo ops (surendra.smugmug.com in the Waterfalls at Shasta Album). The park is Northeast of the town of Redding.

Shasta region has dozens of other Waterfalls. One of the finest Mossbrae Falls unfortunately is off limits; access to the falls is through a narrow Railway track (site of an accident) that has trespassing penalties attached.



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  1. munchow says:

    That is a series of lovely photographs. Well done!

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