Sunrise at Mount Shasta

Before sunrise – Shasta peeks at itself in Trout Lake

Trout Lake at Shasta is one of those lakes not on the beaten path. Ask for directions and you could get blank stares, local fishermen would like to keep it that way. From Montague proceed 1-½ mi E on Ball Mountain/Little Shasta Road to the Wildlife Area headquarters entrance. Then find your way to the lake on unpaved roads. Trout Lake is also oneof the best places to catch Shasta at Sunrise.

Sunrise at Trout Lake is an experience. I have captured this transition in the album Sunrise at Shasta in

Trout lake is a wildlife area you can expect wildlife at any hour:

Deer near lake Trout

and at different times wild flowers accent the sheer magnificence of Shasta:

“What is this life if full of care we have no time to stand and stare….”

Mount Shasta offers iconic views at any time of the day. Whether it is the 200 years old Little Shasta church in Little Shasta:

Mount Shasta from the Little Shasta Church

or from a run down barn:


just take the road and discover views no one can take away from you.

Click on any image to take you to the Album Sunrise at Shasta for high resolution images and more iconic views. Leave your comments on pictures that you liked (if any…)and thanks for visiting the album.


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I love travel and photography. Send me to places awe inspiring and beautiful.
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2 Responses to Sunrise at Mount Shasta

  1. Amani Resources says:

    Recently returned from a midwinter trip to the Mount and was blown away by the beauty and serenity. These photos are magnificent and inspire me to visit again in the warmer months! Thank you!

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