Along California Coastline – Highway 1

Surendra Saxena

Point Reyes, Natural Bridges, Pigeon Point, Julia Pfeiffer, McWay Falls

All pictures at in the California Coastline Highway 1 Album

(All pictures at in the California Coastline Album )

Highway 1 touches most of the California coastline with breathtaking views and scenic spots. Some of these such as the Julia Pfeiffer National park south of Carmel  ( Julia Pfeiffer Picture 1; Julia Pfeiffer Picture 2 Julia Pfeiffer Picture 3 ) offers awesome sunset (i.e if you are lucky to catch a clear sunset) opportunities for pictures.

South of the Julia Park is the McWay Falls .( McWay Falls  ) A landmark that one could easily miss. A short trail leads to spots for photo-ops.The falls itself is inaccessible.

Natural Bridges was (alas was) a beautiful beach near Santa Cruz. Unfortunately erosion has taken its toll on this beach. (Natural Bridges ). This a busy picnic spot once lies deserted (Natural Bridges Beach ). Diehard beachniks now remind you of the need to keep the beaches clean (Keep the beaches Clean ). The Santa Cruz Lighthouse (Santa Cruz Lighthouse ) keeps its lone vigil on the coastline.

Nothing though beats the magnificence of the Pigeon Point Lighthouse (Pigeon Point Lighthouse ) One of the tallest lighthouses Pigeon point can be photographed from several vantage points (Pigeon Point 2; Pigeon Point 3; Pigeon Point 4 )

Highway 1 is dotted with small coves and beaches ( Coves and Beaches ) as you travel North from Santa Cruz. (Coves and Beaches 1).

But nothing beats a quiet sunset on the coastline (Sunset )

The California coastline is huge let me know of spots on this scenic highway which are a “must see”. Till then take a look at other pictures at


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