Golden Gate – A bridge to “Oh Wow!”….. Happy 75th

Surendra Saxena

San Francisco’s crown jewel

View pictures of the bridge from various points and different hour of the day at

What is it about a bridge that has attracted hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world to come, walk, gape and admire? For 75 years.

A bridge that almost never made it. Countless lawsuits to prevent its construction, the great depression nothing came in the way.As if that was not enough the navy wanted a black and yellow striped bridge for better visibility in the fog!The army fought for red and white. Now that’s a scary thought. Fortunately the current red prevailed.

On may 27, this year the bridge turns 75.

Here are over 30 pictures of this “Wow” from different places at different times of the day.

Golden Gate Bridge pictures


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I love travel and photography. Send me to places awe inspiring and beautiful.
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