San Francisco…. The Lady at Night

Surendra Saxena

“Chicago is the great American city, New York is one of the capitals of the world, and Los Angeles is a constellation of plastic; San Francisco is a lady”- Norman Mailer


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San Francisco is a city that can be enjoyed any time of the day but “The Lady” is most charming when the sun sets. That is when San Francisco wakes up to offer untold experiences.

Last week I finally decided to set afoot and explore.

Baker Beach provides fascinating views of the Golden Gate, and the vast expanse. (Golden Gate ), though you may get more than you bargained for, but this is San Francisco and anything is possible here. Six hTirty in the evening and I was cold in 3 Layers yet here they were skinny dipping in the cold cold water (Dipping in the waters )

Palace of Fine Arts (POFA) is an architectural delight and best visited at the Golden hour when the sky is still blue but the sun has set. ( Palace of Fine Arts). At this hour the palace offers great photo ops inside and outside. (POFA1 )  (POFA 2).

Crooked Street is fun at any hour but at night time this has a charm of its own. Whether you catch the cars from below (Cars from below) Crooked Street or from the top of Crooked Street (Cars from above ). Besides you get an awesome view of the city at night. (City from Crooked Street)

The Embarcadero offers a bundle of delights at night. Top of the list is the Bay Bridge (Bay Bridge ). The Piers in the foreground add to the charm. However, these Piers are scheduled for removal soon, so this may just be the right time to get this picture.

The Ferry Building, Pier 39 all offer different surprises.

Do you any  other favorite spots in this city? Twin Peaks????? Let me know.

Someone once remarked:

“One day if I do go to heaven~
I’ll look around and say, ‘It ain’t bad, but it ain’t SanFrancisco”

Now, I don’t know about you, but for me heaven may not be an option so I will continue to enjoy what this “Lady” has to offer.


About sursaxeng

I love travel and photography. Send me to places awe inspiring and beautiful.
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